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Have you been on the search for a violent mystery Tamil movie online? The streaming platform aha has heard your concern and has come up with one of the best violent mystery Tamil movies that you can watch. Watch the movie Rendagam exclusively on the aha platform.

On the aha platform, according to your liking and convenience, you can either watch movies online or download them and watch them later with your friends and family. Along with that, you can also stream different content belonging to different genres on the aha platform.

The cast of Rendagam

The talented director of the movie Rendagam is Fellini T.P. The Tollywood personalities who are being cast in the movie are Arvind Swamy, Kunchao Boban, Jackie Shroff, Eesha Rebba and Aadukaalam Naren.

The plot of Rendagam

The plot of the movie Rendagam regarding a man or a jobless youth named Kunchacko Boban. A few minutes into the plot, it is noticed that Kunchacko Boban makes brief plans along with his girlfriend, Eesha Rebba, in order to fly out of the country. However, in order to make his plan successful, Kunchacko Boban is required to acquire funds.

Therefore in order to secure funds for his plan, he further takes up a suspicious and mysterious task from an underworld don named Arwind Swami. Arwind Swami Is feared by several due to his mysterious personality. Watch this exciting movie along with your friends and family to be a part of the spine chilling activities that take place in the movie.

What to expect from Rendagam

The director of the movie Rendagam has made sure that there are several twists and turns in the plot of the movie to keep the audience constantly engaged on the screen. Only the characters present in the movie have done an excellent job in presenting their roles. There has been quite a strong presentation done by each lead character in the movie.

If you are intrigued by the plot of the movie and you want to watch the movie, then jump straight to the aha platform.

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